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#39 How to learn about money (without getting overwhelmed)

Episode Overview In this episode, Ryan and Terry explain their system for teaching people to master their money. Drawing on their experiences applying the best insights from Scott Young’s ultra learning principles, as well as core ideas from behavioural science and habit formation, they sketch out a tried and tested roadmap for accelerating and combatting

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#38 Scott Young | How to learn hard things to boost your earning power

Episode Overview Learning is a skill, and those who reach their personal and professional potential use the same principles to master it. Scott Young used these principles to complete a computer science degree from MIT in less than 12 months. Then he gathered the best insights from other self-directed learners around the world and codified

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#37 The Most Valuable Skill You Can Master to Make More Money

Episode Overview Today’s tech driven information age drives change at a pace that is dizzying. What you knew last year is obsolete this year. And that means the ability to pick up new things fast is superpower that makes you rare and valuable in todays global economy. In this episode, Ryan and Terry kick off

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#36 How to get started and turn your business ideas into action

Episode Overview In the final episode of their series on ‘business as a vehicle for wealth’ Ryan and Terry pull out their biggest take-homes from the interviews with each mentor. They also give some insight into their own journey into business and how they’re applying the lessons learned in their own business. If you’ve been

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