Stay on track..

Smash your long term goals

with the Cashflow Co Fellowship.

Join ‘the resolute’ and make your long term goals a reality.

The Cashflow Co Fellowship is your on ramp to ongoing support, education and accountability post mentorship. It’s also how you go from Pro, who now knows the main money moves, to Hall of Famer who’s mastered them. 

4 ways to..

Stay on track

Get help whenever you want it

Access ongoing, on demand support when and how you want it. As a member, you’ll unlock an annual review each year. Plus, you can book additional consults whenever you like at a deep discount (50% off public prices!).

Normalise new behaviours

Get personalised accountability and track your progress with money map submissions and Compass tracking. We’ll nudge you to maintain consistency and encourage you to celebrate the wins along the way. 

Develop your financial genius

Get insiders only access to 2 x monthly member workshops to master the practice. Master advanced topics related to both financial offence and financial defence. 

Be first in line

Improve your awareness and decsions making by getting access to the newest shiniest versions of our proprietary personal finance tools. Attend first hand training and recieve step by step tutorials for all resources.


3 behavioural bonuses to..

Stay engaged


Feel good fund

For every money map you submit we’ll donate $2 to a financial abuse fund. This will be set aside each year and donated to support the vulnerable.


Members trust fund

As a member, you’ll automatically apply a 20% discount to any paid course or event we run in the future.



The ‘bonus bonus’

Each quarter we’ll randomly choose one practicing member to receive a $200 red balloon gift voucher.  

The surest way to..

Reach your financial potential


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ad hoc consults are $125 per session. You can book these anytime you like and as often as you like. This will be locked for 12 months, though will be subject to change as public consulting rates change to account for inflation. 

The best way is to direct message Terry in the app. He’ll collate ideas and look to see what’s trending and therefore most relevant. We can’t promise every idea will be actioned. But we can promise every idea will be considered. 

Earn Your Worth is a personal development program aimed at maximising the return on your Human Capital. It’s a recipe for boosting your earning power by improving yourself as an asset so you can invest more $$ sooner. 

We’re currently reviewing the delivery model (we have run a couple of pilots in the past) and once that’s done, we’ll look to produce the learning assets and resources. Timeline is looking like early 2023. 

If you’re keen to be a part of the first cohort (capped at 10). Shoot Terry a message in the app. 

You’ll need to complete 9 months as a practicing member to unlock your annual review. You are welcome to book ad hoc sessions at any stage beforehand. 

You’ll be able to copy the link to your money map in into a sumbission box we’re building in the app. This will automatically track your reps and will be reflected in your Compass ranking as you go. 

We have a short list of 2-3 organisations and will be finalised by the end of the year. We’ll look to make our first donation 12 months on from inception of the fellowship (Oct 2023), we’re aiming to donate at least 5k first up. Our ultimate goal is to build an investment fund and donate dividends every year.