You’ve established elite habits and are starting to see some real progress


12 Requirements

  • Reviewed your forecast forward and marked the achievement date for hitting your objectives.
  • Implemented 6 money maps and have refined your practice for intentionally allocating new money.
  • Invested $3,000 into a value storing or income producing asset.
  • Earned passive income that exceeds 1 day of your expenses (average monthly expenses ÷ 30 = 1 day of expenses).
  • Hit your target cash cushion.
  • Diversified your investments into at least 2 asset classes.
  • Recorded your income for the past 5 years and calculated the percentage change (current income – starting income ÷ starting income).
  • Taken the Colbe A Index to determine what my action bias is.
  • Asked atleast 3 believable people what I’m doing when I’m at my best.
  • Complete the Demartini values determination process to uncover your highest priorities.
  • Defined your top 3 signature strengths for engineering your work life around your gifts.
  • Consumed at least 5 of the recommended resources for this rank.