You’re brilliant at the basics and your efforts are compounding


9 Requirements

  • Reviewed your life by design canvas by marking progress and refining your vision.
  • Updated your objectives and renamed your bank accounts to make the targets visible.
  • Implemented 12 money maps and know this practice like the back of your hand.
  • Invested $25,000 into a value storing or income producing asset.
  • Earned passive income that exceeds 1 week of your expenses (average monthly expenses ÷ 4.3 = 1 week of expenses).
  • Identified the most profitable problem that you're uniquely suited to solve.
  • Designed a development plan for maximising your human capital.
  • Engaged 1 mentor who can guide you in your pursuit of career excellence.
  • Consumed at least 5 of the recommended resources for this rank.