You’re beyond dabbling and serious about building the foundations for long term results


9 Requirements

  • Designed a vision for your life and gave money a role to play in it.
  • Created a visual scoreboard within your daily environment and populated 3 months worth of progress.
  • Designed & implemented a banking structure thats geared towards achieving your objectives.
  • Set a target for your Cash Cushion and clearly labelled your account name to include.
  • Shared a goal that you’re saving for with a timeline for achieving it (post in the members lounge).
  • Implemented a practice for proactively paying yourself first and mapping your money to the upcoming month.
  • Forecasted the next 12 months of income & expenses and engineered your ideal spending vs saving balance.
  • Detailed a clear roadmap for future big money moves and ran it by an expert.
  • Shared a win you’ve had as a result of making money a project (posted in the members lounge).