Future Authoring Letter

Letter Date: 10th February 2024

Hey Niall,

Let me just start by saying thankyou for what you’ve done, because of you I’m now able too…
-Look back on the awesome travel I experienced in Europe with my best mates.
-Be happy and comfortable with my level of cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass (10kg+) with a lower level of body fat (15% or under).
-Feel fulfilled because I have spent more time with my siblings and parents, including running with Tylan, playing golf with Dad and the boys, seeing Darrien in Brisbane and just seeing mum more in general.
-Genuinely feel more competent and confident in my knowledge and skills as a paramedic, and be looking toward studying for MICA.
-Drive around in a van that I’ve decked out, as a daily drive but also for camping.
-Living and working closer to the city.
-Continually challenge myself and get better with the guitar.
The wisdom and discipline you showed has helped me to achieve…
-Save for a house deposit.
-Build a shares portfolio in the background.
-Go on a few overseas trips with mates.
-Buy a van and deck it out.
Because of what you learned and how I gained, I’ve been able to increase my impact. Here’s just some of what you’ve made possible:
-Save for a house deposit.
-Build a shares portfolio in the background.
-Go on a few overseas trips with mates.
-Buy a van and deck it out.

In case you were wondering if it’s all worth it, let me assure you that… 

You’ll feel at fulfilled and at peace within so many spheres of your life. You currently have your physical (Running and Gym), social (family and friends), professional (Paramedicine), creative (Guitar), mental (psychologist and travel/new experiences) and financial (money mentorship) health all being addressed. That truly is a priceless situation to be in.
I know you worked hard and made sacrifices to make the lifestyle I now live possible, so let me walk you through a typical day so that you know what’s head of you…
You wake up in the morning, in a very comfortable queen bed with soft pillows and nice linen. You head out for a 5-10 km run that you can do at a comfortable pace, without issue or injury. You’re doing this as you’re looking forward to a marathon that you’re going to complete in several months, and want to keep your cardiovascular fitness up. You’re living in the suburbs within a 30-minute drive of the ambulance branch, so you have a healthy smoothie for breakfast, a shower, and head to work. Once you’re there, you make yourself a coffee and then head out to complete a truck check with the nightshift crew. You’ve been placed with a Month 1 new graduate paramedic, and you can tell they are pretty nervous. But you know you have a good reputation for being an intelligent, fair, and reasonable clinical instructor to work with. You adhere to your standard clinical approach very consistently and know it is the pathway to success for this graduate, and you make them comfortable by letting them know what you expect during their first month on the job. The day goes well, and you get some downtime after lunch to run through a scenario with the graduate, and to do some stuff of your own for the MICA course you’re enrolled in. Once the day finishes and you’re driving on home, you made sure you packed a gym bag with some clothes so you can do a workout on the way home, which you really enjoy, you’ve noticed you’re putting on a lot of muscle and are keeping your body fat percentage under control. After you get home, you put some dinner on, and pick up the guitar and practice for half an hour whilst dinner is being prepared. After dinner and a shower, you give your parents a call to see how they’re doing, and organise the next time you’re going to play golf with dad. You’re looking forward to heading out for a hike on the weekend with Tom/Shawn/Laurence, and are planning on driving the van up there and camping for the night in it. You head to sleep that night, feeling great and looking forward to tomorrow.
Lastly, I need you to know that…
I would feel that I need to continue with the running, keep to the gym to 3 days a week minimum, continue with the money mentorship program and make it your “project” like Terry mentioned in one of the videos, keep studying the Paramedic Graduate Study guide and make some brief notes for each section, and review them so as to keep your memory fresh, keep working through Simply Guitar and pick that thing up even if its just for 15 minutes a day. You are already planning stuff with your siblings and parents which is great, and you’ve booked your ticket to Europe with the boys so that’s great too.