Future Authoring Letter

Letter Date: 15th November 2023

Hey Jarrod,

Let me just start by saying thankyou for what you’ve done, because of you I’m now able too…
renovate houses with no clients. Enjoy a day off. Pick the kids up from school each day. Go around australia. Play golf more.
The wisdom and discipline you showed has helped me to achieve…
to renovate and flip houses.
Because of what you learned and how I gained, I’ve been able to increase my impact. Here’s just some of what you’ve made possible:
to renovate and flip houses.

In case you were wondering if it’s all worth it, let me assure you that… 

I know you worked hard and made sacrifices to make the lifestyle I now live possible, so let me walk you through a typical day so that you know what’s head of you…
Wake up at 5am
Quick workout at home gym
Swim at the beach
grab a coffee all with Hanna
Drop kids to school
Jump on the computer and sort out ‘work’ then go for a drive to either inspect work or potiential property or just a drive
golf, surf, fish, moto ride, bowls
Few beers in the arvo with someone going for dinner.
Swim in the pool or spa before bed
Lastly, I need you to know that…
it worked. and you knew it would, so lets have a beer