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Module 3: Feedback that fuels progress.


Feedback That Fuels Progress

Note: The purpose of this module is to show you the important of feedback and how to read the Cashflow Card, which you’ll receive at the end of your 1st month of money mapping. Wait until you’ve received this card before watching this module.

What we cover:


Final Categorization

This demonstration will show you step by step how to complete the categorization of your spending in MoneyBrilliant before you request your Cashflow Card. This means accurate feedback on how you spent and how your tracking towards your life by design.


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Gift A Friend!

Help a friend or loved one get started by gifting them with a $150 credit token that matches your membership.

Hey there, If you’re one of those givers who loves to pay it forward and you’ve been loving our program, we want to make it easy and fun to help you get someone your care about started on the journey you’ve already begun with us. Here’s how it works… From the moment you read this, you have the power to ‘gift’ your monthly membership fee to a friend or friends by sending the link above. This means that if they meet with us and decide to join we’ll give them special preferential treatment in a really cool way… We won’t bank that money we would have received from you that month, instead we’ll credit them with that exact amount. This effectively offers them a special insiders discount that only you can provide. Pretty awesome right? So for example, if your membership is $189 per month then you can gift $189 to your friend to go towards joining our program. It’s a bit like handing your ticket with a good chunk of time left on it to the next person to park. This allows you to give someone you care about a friendly nudge toward taking action to empower themselves with money, just like you have. And the cool thing is, by helping others and us in this way, you’ll actually help yourself… Reams of research show that one of the best ways to stay on the path to progress and success is to walk that path with others you care about. So when your friend joins, your odds of living that life by design bump right up. Plus, in recognition of your support for us, we’ll take $50 off your next months membership. See it’s true, the gift is always to the giver!