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by making smart decisions with your money.

You’ve landed at the only gamified development portal for building the skills and habits to achieve financial self-reliance.

Add the right ingredients.

Build new habits.

Level up one challenge at a time by using Compass. 

Compass is the guided navigation system that will help you convert new knowledge into skills and big wins. Utilise the best insights from game design and behaviour science to achieve financial self-reliance one step at a time. 

Accelerate your learning.

Establish new norms by surrounding yourself with the right people who are on the same journey. And who share the drive to do better in this part of their life.

Access insiders trainings.

Access purpose-built trainings that teach rich insights behind successful saving, earning, and investing. they’ll show you how to build a powerful money machine.

Start the journey.

Every great achievement starts with a pivotal first step.

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